Again, I have no time to write a post and it’s for great reasons. Today’s albergue is run by Augustinian nuns. I’m off to mass in a few minutes, then pilgrim blessing, and then communal dinner at nine (!). I just came from a wonderfully lovely sung vespers, and then shared singing time with the nuns. Imagine pilgrims from every continent gathering to sing in a variety of languages. Amazing! So much good stuff happening today, no time to write about it. Bells beckon! Gotta run!

4 thoughts on “Day 16: Frómista to Carrión Los Condes

  1. How wonderful Bethany that you don’t have time to write a long blog!! That’s what it should be all about – it’s your pilgrimage…’s not about having to keep us informed! We continue to follow your blog with much appreciation, much excitement, and above all, much thankfulness for this wonderful opportunity that you are realizing this summer

    1. Thanks, Harry and Annie! I do like to blog because it is a good reflection on the day, and I feel like if I don’t I will forget what has happened. But yesterday’s events were definitely more important and engaging than blogging at the time!

  2. It almost seems that every day is better than the last! Might be that when you finish you will just want to turn around and walk back!! How many different nationalities have you met so far?

    1. Ha! Some people so walk back home again… I don’t think I will, though!
      Hard to say how many nationalities… My friends are keeping track, so I’ll ask them. A quick mental count tells me more than 20… I’d have to actually write them down to be sure though.

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