Short update tonight:

If you walk the Camino, at least the last 100 km, you can receive a Compostela from the Catholic Church. It is an indulgence. That means that your punishment for your sins is shortened – ie. you spend less time in purgatory.

This Sunday, I have experienced a different kind of indulgence. I arrived in Frómista and checked into a hotel! It is a luxury not afforded to the regular “pilgrim way”, but oh-so-delightful! As of today I have spent more than two weeks walking, meaning more than two weeks sharing rooms with others and never having solitude except on walks. Having my own room and my own bathroom… bliss!

When I met up with friends in town this afternoon, I was a little worried about what they would say. However, every single response was an “Oh, good for you!” Besides this Sabbath pleasure, I also got to enjoy some prayer time in a church, a ClearView sermon (thank you podcasts!), and delightful time with friends – also indulging on some giant ice cream sundaes we found at one restaurant here!
Rest, renewal, community – a good sabbath day.
I am off to bed for now. No ear plugs; no eye mask; no alarm set. We’ll see what time I actually start walking tomorrow!

Oh, a PS: because I’m on hotel wifi instead of terrible albergue wifi, I was able to delete and reinstall Facebook so my app works again! AND I managed to install my phone’s software update! Wow! Not medieval pilgrim lifestyle today!

4 thoughts on “Day 15: Castrojeriz to Frómista

  1. Bethany I look forward to going to bed each night where I read your blog. Love looking at your pictures and praying for you. A privilege!!!! Have a great walk today!

  2. Bethany, we heard about your great adventure and am reading your blog! Love your wonderful descriptions! Peace and joy as you continue on!

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