For your heartfelt, very meaningful content today:

I have tried to share some of the importance of school here and what it means not to have students in school. In the Spring 2021 newsletter from Global Shore, the director, Julianna Konrad de Pelaez, does a much better job than I ever could. (That only makes sense – although we are from very similar farming family backgrounds in southwestern Ontario – even to the point of going to the same church, although not at overlapping times, Guatemala is now her home permanently. She lives and breathes this work that God is doing here. I get a glimpse into things; she sees things much more fully.) So to give you a much better glimpse, I offer you this link to the spring newsletter and encourage you to read Julianna’s words for yourself.

And on the much more lighthearted side:

Look. Sometimes you feel on top of your teaching game, and sometimes you wonder just how many mistakes you can make. It’s especially bad when you have to rewatch yourself make all of those mistakes and edit them out of your teaching videos. I’ve compiled several of them into a short video for your viewing enjoyment, should you so desire… I promise that I’m a better teacher than this in real life. (I hope!)

Nothing like watching all the mistakes you can make in a short time and thinking, “What is my in-class teaching actually like?!”

8 thoughts on “Bethany’s Life in Guatemala, Volume 6: The Director’s Message and Some Outtakes

  1. That must be ultra frustrating when you have to retake your videos or edit out the ‘bad’ parts! Just don’t forget that what you posted on YouTube, remains there … forever! All the best, Bethany, in this virtual world!


    “Trust in the LORD”

    1. 😆😆 That’s great advice, Margaret. I did set the YouTube video to be unlisted, so you can only get to it via my blog, at least. That makes it less likely to be seen by anyone who doesn’t actually know me!

  2. Oh Bethany! What a trooper! That was hilariously painful to watch!

    That’s how I feel some nights at team recording a song or my words of welcome.

    Great to hear from you!

  3. That was so fun to watch!!! You are doing great though!! You will get there!! Videoing lessons is so different than teaching! Plus, trying in another language! Looking good! As always love your smile!

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