My teacher and I have spent some 56 hours together, so he definitely knows a lot about me. But there is one thing about which Jorge has no doubt: I am a very proud Canadian.

Today during class, Jorge suddenly interrupted himself to say that he had read something interesting about the one Quetzal bill. He pulled one out of his pocket to look at it.

An unassuming Quetzal. 

“Yes!” he exclaimed. “It is true!”

“What’s true?” I responded, my curiosity piqued.  (All this in Spanish, of course!)

Jorge handed me the Quetzal and pointed to the corner. I picked it up to examine it closely.

Can you see that?

How about zoomed in?

Yep, the Guatemalan Quetzal says CANADIAN BANK NOTE on it! Naturally I pulled out my wallet to examine a couple other bills, and we discovered that it’s not on bills printed in 2011, but it is on bills printed in 2012 and later.

Turns out, the polymer bills are printed by the Canadian Bank Note company. Who knew?!

Now you know a little more about Guatemala! 🇬🇹🇨🇦

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