Camino Countdown: 20 kilometres!!!

I am so tired. I feel like I have walked 780 kilometres. I need to rest. Another 30 or 33 kilometres done today – it’s hard to know for certain because none of the guidebooks agree, and even the kilometre marking posts are apparently inaccurate now. They were surveyed correctly when they were out in, but the Camino has been rerouted a little over the years. And I don’t know exactly where, or where they are finally correct. Thankfully the markers and my guidebook agree – 20 more kilometres!

My back has started to hurt just in the last two days. It doesn’t hurt when I walk, generally, although I’m careful with how I wear my backpack. I can sit and I can lie down, but I cannot stand. Standing is ridiculous.

Today started out as a much more difficult day than I anticipated, based on how great yesterday was. I just feel really, really exhausted. My swift pace from yesterday was nowhere to be found. Despite the elevation diagram showing more or less flat elevation, we kept crossing rivers or streams, which meant big descents down to a bridge and then a steep climb up after. I was happy to drag myself to a café by noon and look at my map to see I only had 13 kilometres left. After the rest, those 13 kilometres flew by in no time.
Still, after a shower, rest time meant shivering under my sleeping bag, wondering why my body can’t warm up. Again, I’m so glad I only have 20 kilometres left to walk!

It’s a little surreal, reading my guidebook pages for tomorrow’s walk. What will I feel, actually arriving in Santiago? What will I do once I’m there? Good questions with no answers.

As for me right now, I’m going to try for a nap before dinner. Ah – siesta!

PS Update: nap. Mass. Now supper. Ahhhh.

5 thoughts on “Day 30: Melide to O Pedrouzo

      1. or it could be “flu bug that finds you an easy target since you are exhausted after having walked 800 km in 31 days.” Happy little exhausted immune system 🙂

  1. Oh Bethany hang in there girl!!!! What an amazing journey you’ve been on. I guess by the time you read my post perhaps you’ll be done. I can’t imagine the feelings that will felt at the end. Look forward to hearing about all of them. For most of us reading your blog it’s like we’ve been on it with you minus all the hard sweat and tears. But praying you home. Enjoy the day and all it entails. SHINE.

  2. Hi Bethany!
    Today’s your last day and by the time you read this you will hopefully be well on your way, if not finished!!! God is so good!!! Congratulations on this amazing adventure and on completing (tLw) this absolutely incredible walk. I hope you have a great time in Santiago and wherever else you go before heading home. Hope you get good sleep tonight and are not bored because the agenda is wide open. Blessings, hugs and a huge high five!!!

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