See below for my first post. This one has all the pictures everyone asked for before I left.

Waiting in line for the cathedral.


Pont des Arts
A few weeks ago I saw on CBC that part of the bride fencing had collapsed under the weight of all the locks. I’m going to assume this is where it happened.
Like all things, now that this is a “thing”, especially pretty well known, there are people selling any kind of lock possible at the entrance to the bridge.

Classes of kids were running around here. Sounds like a nightmare of a field trip to me.

Every single boat tour was overflowing. Everyone is in Paris right now.


I had forgotten just how huge the Eiffel Tower actually is.

One thought on “Paris part 2

  1. It’s wonderful to follow this pilgrimage with you Bethany. We hope day 1 of walking went well – that your load was light and no sore feet!

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